Lingam & Prostate Massage

Fully receive and surrender to my touch, presence and shakti energy in a sacred space.

Practicing Tantric principles of breath, sound, awareness, presence, slowing down and letting go – so you can connect more deeply with your body, your sensuality, heart and the Divine.

Move your energy. Feel more sensations throughout your body. Feel energies. Become more sensitive, aware and present. Become a better lover to yourself and your partner. Not only during self pleasure and love making, also in life.

You can experience orgasms without ejaculation – full body orgasms, which are more subtle and deep, with longer and more waves. As opposed to a peak orgasm through ejaculation.

You're also welcome for a Prostate or Anal Awakening Massage.

Healing Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. Becoming a better lover.

Looking forward to see you soon in the temple space. Click below to have a free short chat to meet each other so you can share more and I'll share more about the session. And then we'll book something in.

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PRICING Tantric Energetic
Full Body Massage 2h

6-Session package > €2100 (€350/Session) 

3-Session package > €1100 (€367/Session) 

Single Session > €375

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