Writings from the Yaniverse


The first time. Jan 18, 2024

I remember the first time my friend told me about her kinky relationship. We were both working at an advertising agency in Amsterdam. I sat on her desk, I was glued to her story.

How he tied her up. How he would grab her into the elevator and rip her panties off. Ropes that would touch her body...

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How I opened up to loving touch ❤️‍🔥 Oct 04, 2023

I didn’t always use to love touch as much as I do now. When my bf touched me, I shied away.

Secretly, I loved when he occasionally caressed & scratched my back 

My body would tingle. 

But then I’d move away…

You know why?

Because I associated touch with s/x.

And I...

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Yoni Love Jan 06, 2023

Sanskrit for
Sacred Gateway to the Universe

Yes, feel that
Take that in

Let your Yoni feel
So juicy, heard and seen
Energies flowing throughout your body
And beyond

Nourished up
Loved up
Oozing in s*xual energy
Here and in the unseen world

Listen to her
Men - bow down to her
Women - pause for a moment...

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