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> You are on the path of self-development, and yet you feel something is missing.

> When it comes to relationships and sexuality, there’s fears, shame, doubts.

Your sex life is good. And you know it can be so much deeper

> The traumatic experience you had with her, is not something you want to talk about with your friends. 

You would love to ask her out on a date. Have meaningful conversations. See where it leads to. 

> But somehow you don’t feel comfortable around women. Something is holding you back..

> Fed up with only giving? It's time for you to receive in life now?

> Or perhaps you’re already in a relationship. And you feel insecurities. Can I live up to her expectations?  How can I be a better lover for her?

It’s ok, you’re not alone. You just haven’t received the steps and information to master your sexuality & intimacy skills.

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"Yani is a beautiful, competent and loving mentor. As a human being, she is compassionate, vulnerable, open and knows how to hold the space for deep profound healing journeys.
You feel very safe and free to explore the depth of yourself."
Dirk, Amsterdam

> Do you want to feel it all throughout your whole body? Yes, activating your life force energy, your vital energy. Feeling energized & creative throughout the day.

Not losing all the head space around triggers, but taking charge in all aspects of your life. 

> Do you want to be called the best lover she’s ever had..

> Do you want to be a star in dating & communicating? Not have her second guessing about what you feel for her and how you want to relate. She can already feel you approach her and welcoming you in with a smile

> Finally being able to express your true desires. Explore your fantasies with your match. Feeling comfortable in your body and during sex. Not just worried about her pleasure. 

THIS is where 1:1 Tantric Coaching & Bodywork comes in, as I guide you to see and discover the pathways to empowered sexuality. 

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Here’s what will happen when you come into the Temple Space and go on the Tantric Coaching & Bodywork Journey

> You will feel confident, empowered, knowledgable. No more second guessing. Taking charge when you want to take her out on a date or in the bedroom

> People will notice your energy shift. You will attract the right women & situations, that are so in alignment for YOU

> You feel much more refreshed, excited and full of energy - because the energy leaks aren’t there anymore.

> You know what your desires are. You know what her desires are. And get to play with all of them.

Are you ready to take action to make this happen?

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"Wow, I can take on the world again. I finally dare to contact that woman that I like and try some practices with her!"
Patrick, Ireland

Here’s everything you get when you say YES today:

> 3-month Journey of having me by your side in your Tantric Coaching & Bodywork Journey

> My full presence and holding & guiding in love. With Tantric practices. Shamanic Healing. Embodiment practices. Communication skills. Coaching.

> 3 Zoom Sessions per month. Or in-person when we are at the same location :)

> 1,5h per Zoom Session. 2h for in-person Session.

> Homeplay so you integrate everything into your life immediately and get to play

> Telegram support Mon-Fri - so you’ll always have support at hand :) And space for questions, shares & celebrations.

And some more joy & pleasure in your life :) 

After signing up, I’ll message you to schedule in your first Session and set your intentions through the intake form.

This is the start of your new chapter <3


Start your 1:1 Tantric Coaching & Bodywork Journey


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€3500 Paid in full
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"Profoundly healing! Yani held a beautiful and sacred space in her Tantric session, which allowed me to drop deep and move through subconscious imprints, releasing physical, emotional and energetic blockages and coming to a place of more expansion, presence and aliveness. Very mindful, meaningful work coming from the heart! Thank you Yani!"
Raphael, Amsterdam

"I trusted her to accompany me into even the most shadowy corners of my psyche and she was steadfast and undaunted— just held it all with love.
I came away feeling freer and more expressed in my body and sexuality.
Yani is a remarkable woman who knows her worth, and I highly, highly recommend working with her.

J, California 

"I want to thank you so much for the sessions. It was really incredible. I felt so much opening up within me and it felt really beautiful to have your presence there to guide me. To hold me. And to help me explore the different places that were blocked. Even places I haven't shared with anyone before. Thank you."
J, Belgium

"I am still sooo thankful that I met you and for those experiences, that really gave me a boost in my life."
Kay, Vienna



Yes, I'm in


Any questions before you'd like to start? Message me on Instagram @yaniverse___ or book in a Discovery Call

So much love,


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